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Who is Chad Heller Photography?


Motorcycles, beards, and a good cheeseburger are a few of my favorite things, but that doesn’t really define me as a photographer, does it? To define me photographically is easier with a picture, and if a picture is worth a 1000 words, well we may be here a while. My beliefs are that pictures define a moment, encapsulating an expression or a feeling. It all started with my dad having some old dusty vintage cameras. Taking the film to be processed was such a thrill, waiting it seemed like forever just to open a time capsule in a sense. I never dreamed that I could make that a career.
So because I am technically minded, I studied computers.  I have worked for some of the most reputable companies in the world such as, Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, and even NASA. However, my favorite boss is… a bride. Someone who knows what she wants, who has a vision, and wants nothing more for me to put that vision on paper for generations to look back on.
I like to take my relationship with my clients one step further. My wife says that I am the most selfless, genuine, hardworking person she knows, and honestly every time I think about that I blush, (Don’t tell her that). But that is one thing I have learned is that people don’t remember what you say, they remember how you make them feel.  I love to make people smile, and what is more perfect then capturing a soft gentle smile in an image? I love catching my wife smile when she snuggles our children. I like to think of myself as a manly man who likes piped tobacco and can admire a burly beard but nothing warms my heart more.
I think that is why I am infatuated with wedding photography. Every wedding is different, and there are always some elements of surprise. Lets make some magic, and allow me to document a day that you will always remember.
Behind every great man stands a woman wiping her brow, at least that is how I think that saying should go. My husband is the most amazing person I know, for me it was love at first sight. Not so much for him. I had aspirations of walking across the Miss USA stage and Chad felt beauty queens were superficial. He didn’t realize the drive that was behind these women to make a difference in not only themselves, but in others around them. Nor did he realize how competing in a pageant requires a great deal of organization, professionalism and the ability to conduct an audience.
I believe brides are very much like beauty queens. In my experience they have planned for this, sometimes their whole life and are just waiting for it all to unfold. The day has to be perfect! Every detail must be in place to create this magical production. How do I make this happen for you? Being the host of Miss Maryland USA for an audience of over 4000 people
I have learned to think on my feet. The hosts’ job is to make the experience of the production memorable and seamless. The host must inform the audience of what they are about to see, who is included, and controls the timing of the show. I am that liaison between you, your guests, and my team. Being a mom, former Miss Maryland, and having a mild case of OCD allows me ensure every detail is captured and everyone most importantly has the time of their lives!!
I love my job, because at the end of the day I have been a part of a dream come true!!


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