Aaron & Rebekah: Caboose Farm Sabillasville Maryland

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We always have wedding day jitters…. Well, when we saw the weather report for 100% chance of rain, we had a panic attack! There are so many reasons why we hate rain, other than the obvious. The one that hurts the most is seeing a bride devastated because she feels the day is ruined. We had no idea what we were going to find when we saw this sky on our way to the venue. Rain is supposed to be good luck, but I’m sure if you ask a bride whose wedding is OUTDOORS, they will take their chances with luck.
So what do you do? You highlight the details this bride worked so tirelessly on. When I saw these bouquets, I almost fell over. I have yet to see prettier, more unique bouquets. They were handcrafted, and were composed of painted, dried flowers! She can keep this bouquet forever, and it will look this gorgeous for YEARS to come. The boutonni√®res were exquisite, with so much detail yet still looking effortless! The bridesmaids even mentioned that every detail screamed “Rebecca” and the style was nothing but her own.
So it’s time for the ceremony, the rain stopped, and then there was magic! Caboose Farm is nestled in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, when the most luscious, thick fog came rolling in. We couldn’t believe it! Every photographers dream is to shoot in fog! It was as if the veil was lifted from the bride, (pun intended…hehe) and her smile was proof that all of her disappointment was GONE! My favorite part of the whole wedding was her walking down the isle. It was a moment that only I was able to enjoy. Just over the trickling rain, I heard the Father of the Bride whisper to his baby girl, “I love you, Sweetheart!” That made my whole day. The vows were said on the edge of the woods and the fog added such dimension to the photos! You could still hear rain drops off the leaves and “The Moment” was so solemn. We could not have created a more beautiful ceremony! ! On the way to the wedding I was so scared that this rain would inhibit our abilities to produce beautiful pictures, but when you have moments like these our job is soooo easy! We love what we do!